Bonitor Launches MP302

MP302 - designed for Mac users

Bonitor MP302 is a portable mini projector embedded with three RGB LEDs which can project sharper and more colorful pictures. MP302 proudly works with Windows and Mac operating systems. It allows you to give a mobile presentation simply by connecting your laptop with MP302. With built-in flash memory, MP302 can also project videos or images itself. It is an ideal solution to demonstrate your ideas and products.

Portable Mini Size : MP302 is a truly portable mini projector in the market. It weighs no more than 110 grams and is just 25mm thin, as small as a mobile phone. Mini projector MP302 does not require complicated setup, just plays and play after installing driver. One mini projector can suit all your needs in different scenerios.

30,000 Hours Lamp Life : With replacement costs at up to 50% of the projector price, lamp life is an important deciding factor in purchasing projectors. MP302 has 30,000 hours lamp life under normal operation, compared with 2,000 hours in traditional projectors. Given that a typical projector is operated 6 hours per day, for every 10 months lamp replacement will take place. With the same level of usage, MP302 can last for 14 years without replacement.

3 RGB LEDs : MP302 is embedded with 3 pieces of RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LEDs which can project sharper and more colorful pictures. Bonitor brings the future of pico projector into real life with high quality optical engines. MP302 projects movies and presentations in the most realistic colors, bringing visual enjoyment to the audience.

Mac Compatible :Bonitor creates MP302 for Mac lovers. MP302 is designed to be harmonious with your beloved Macbook by carefully picking the right material, color and shape. It is not just a compatible projector, but something exists for Mac. MP302’s beautiful design highlights the careful concern for Mac users. *MP302 is compatible with Mac OS 10.X or higher, Windows XP/Vista/7

Built-in Memory : With 128MB built-in flash memory, MP302 can store movies and pictures. MP302 is able to project a demonstration ad or a picture slide show itself with a DC adaptor. In the occasions that equipments are lack, say a simple meeting room, a booth in a trade show, or a display window in a shop, MP302 is the best choice for presentation. It is a high-tech companion impressing your audience.